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About Us

 “Learning the right answers will get you through school, learning how to learn will get you through life.”  - Dr. Maria Montessori

Since 1991, Montessori Children’s Community has been dedicated to the enrichment of children. Based on the philosophy and methodology of Dr. Maria Montessori, Montessori Children’s Community started with a Children’s House program. Over the past 22 years, under the watchful eye of School Head, Terri Modic, MCC has carefully developed each program. Today we offer a morning Children’s House program, an All Day program, before and after care, a Lower Elementary Program, an Upper Elementary Program, and a Middle School Program.

Our staff is dedicated to providing the best education possible for every child. When it is time for our students to leave our “community” and attend other schools, they are prepared academically and are also socially and emotionally confident. Being part of a nurturing community has allowed our students to develop strong interpersonal skills, moral awareness, and a sense of commitment to making a global contribution. Our programs allow children “to learn how to learn“.  It is through the completion of each program that children can get the full benefit of a Montessori Children’s Community education!

Mission Statement


Cultivating lifelong learners to be compassionate, independent, creative, and knowledgeable world citizens.  







Montessori vs. Traditional Schools


Montessori respects individual differences rather than the emphasis being to conform to the group.


Children are encouraged to teach, collaborate, and to help each other. Collaboration is discouraged in a traditional setting and teaching is done only by the teacher.


Students are active, talking, with periods of spontaneous quiet and there is freedom to move rather than sitting passively at desks.


Students avail themselves of concrete materials, designed to enhance conceptual thinking and bring about knowledge based on experience. In a traditional setting, learning takes place through memorization and repetition of abstract concepts.