“The child is both hope and promise of mankind.”

Dr. Maria Montessori


It’s such a great situation. To have a child who loves her teachers and loves school; it doesn’t get any better than that. I can’t thank you enough! 

Sally H.

My child loves it here. She is more excited about school than I’ve ever seen her. I wouldn’t trade MCC for the world.

Lauren M.

Thank you for providing such a wonderful Montessori educational opportunity to our community. Thank you very much for  your dedication, vision, love and support, and for inspiring students and their families! 

Paulina & Dave P.

Montessori to me has been more than just a way of learning; it has been a way of becoming a person. The academics in Montessori are unlike any you can experience in any other program. I have attended a Montessori Children’s House on through a Montessori High School Adolescent Program. The learning I have done, through self-guided as well as guided group and indivdual projects and discussions, has been an unreal learning experience. When you grow through Montessori you grow through who you are. You learn through your own thoughts, your own drive to learn. Montessori to me has been an education for life.

Montessori Children’s Community is a wonderful place to grow and learn with a close community of peers and incredibly dedicated teachers and guides. If there is one place that creates the environment that Maria Montessori envisioned, it’s Montessori Children’s Community.

Jordan M.

The education my daughters received at Montessori Children’s Community was unparalleled. Of course, they learned all the “basics”, math, language, reading, history and science, and learned them all quite well. Their quarterly grades, achievement test scores, and teachers comments as they pass on through middle school have been a testament to the strong academic background they received at MCC.

During this Montessori learning process, however, the girls really have learned so much more than just academics. They have also learned important skills relating to learning that continue to help them every day at school. They learned how to focus. They learned good work habits. They learned the importance of organization, prioritization, and responsibility. They learned to appreciate their own strengths and were challenged to work on their weaknesses. They learned to work well both independently and within a group. They learned how to be strong leaders. These lessons are the ones that have led to their academic success in middle school and will continue to guide them down the path of success in their futures.

In addition, they have also benefitted from many lessons on life, friendship, and compassion. They learned respect; respect for themselves, for each other, for their community, and for their world. They learned how to treat each other with kindness. They learned how to solve conflicts that arise between friends fairly and peacefully. They learned to respect each others’ differences and learn from them. These are just a few of the intangible qualities that will help them each and every day in their relationships with family, friends and teachers.

I am thankful every day for what Montessori Children’s Community has given to my girls and to our family. It is a place to which I will always give credit for their successes as they continue on their journey through life.

Deb and Rich S

Your father and I both have bad memories of our early childhood education: sit still, don’t talk to any other kids, do nothing but listen to the teacher drone on and on…That would be fine if there was no other way, but there is- the Montessori way! And it allows learning to be a joy, as it should be.

Wendy D in a note to her son Bruce

All the things I learned at Montessori Children’s Community have really helped me the past two years at middle school. My teachers at Montessori helped me stay organized. This has helped me keep track of all my homework assignments, test and quiz dates, and any other special events going on at school. This has also helped me because I always know exactly where to find my textbooks and binders in my locker so that I am not late for class.

Another thing I learned at Montessori was how to be a good friend. This has helped me make lots of new friends at my new school, and also how to solve any conflicts that arise between us. I am very glad I went to Montessori because it has not only prepared me for future schooling, but also prepared me for life.

Allie, former student

Montessori education should be called “stealth learning”- the work teaches concepts in such a logical and fun manner that it hardly seems like “school”.

Carrie, former student