Why Montessori Children’s Community

Located 13 miles northwest of Pittsburgh, in Sewickley, PA, Montessori Children’s Community offers a preschool through eighth grade education following the child-centered educational philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori.  We nurture your child’s innate love of learning, guiding their cognitive, physical, emotional and social growth through a learning environment and curriculum designed to meet their developmental needs.   Some key features of Montessori Children’s Community:

  • Preschool through 8th Grade
  • Individualized learning through hands-on Montessori materials
  • Multi-age classrooms
  • Member School of American Montessori Society and International Montessori Council

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Middle School

Our middle school program, with its focus on community, collaborative learning, and critical thinking skills allows students to continue their journey of self-discovery in a learning environment specifically designed to meet the changing needs of the adolescent.
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